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At Jaime Maduro Custom Brokers we understand and value the specific need of our clients.

Our coordinators are very accessible to the customer. Thus providing them with updated status of their shipments as needed. We provide fast and accurate service for we understand and value the specific need of our clients and we also offer door to door service with our international freight forwarder partners to offer you more competitive rates.

➜ Brokerage:
• Customs Entries (ABI)

• PR Government

• Excise Tax Clearance

➜ Trucking:
• Airport Delivery

• Pier Delivery

➜ Warehousing:
• Foreign Trade Zone Entries Storage

• Domestic Bonded Entries

• Designation

• Activation with CBP

• Operations

• Trade Show Specialists

• International Trade & Excise Tax Consultants

• Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2)